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27 degenerate wearable art history tee


27 Degenerates is a luxury streetwear brand in which is limited to only twenty-seven pieces in quantity and then vaulted forever. In the age of joyless cash grabs and fast fashion, we’re trying to combat that with streetwear designs curated from life experiences and luxury hand-crafted sustainable garments.

"You didn't just buy our product; you've made an investment. Your support in our brand lets us know that our pain, losses & life experiences were translated into our designs and weren't all in vain. Uninspired art is the worst." 

- Meez Lateef


men's tee that says run away and start a new life out west



Chuck Danner, 31, has been inspired by his environment growing up. Having to travel a lot as a kid, he found his love for streetwear and fashion. Now he would love to do the same and inspire others through high-quality and hand-crafted pieces in 27 Degenerates. Fashion is not just about clothes for Chuck but a statement and it allows certain messages to be heard.

meez lateef founder and designer

Meez Lateef


Meez Lateef, 30, is a former professional photographer turned designer. Meez put his camera down and found a new and innovative way to tell stories. Attempting to combine his love for gritty photography, scriptwriting, and streetwear, he created 27 Degenerates. Meez believes perception is everything, so each collection that is being released is structured like a screenplay that is inspired by his environment growing up in Pittsburgh, PA. Meez feels that streetwear should be a creative way to evoke emotions and provoke conversations, not just logos on garments. Streetwear should be art.

tiffany roni, art director



Tiffany Roni, 26, is originally born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC. Since young, she fell in love with photography and went to obtained her BFA from Parsons, The New School in 2018. Post-graduate, Tiffany found her passion in digital design and launched her career by working with many individuals, small businesses, and companies. She believes design allows her to speak to her audience in ways words cannot. 

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